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Sweet Ruckus Gifts

Hi!  I'm Tania Petrulis, a Boulder native, long time Boulder resident and owner of Sweet Ruckus.  

Sweet Ruckus isn't just a store to me – it's a vibrant community filled with people I adore supporting. From the moment someone steps through the door, I'm dedicated to making their experience unforgettable. Whether it's helping them find the perfect gift that brings a sparkle to their eye or simply sharing a laugh over our quirky selection of cards, every interaction is a chance to connect and spread joy and kindness.

My passion lies in serving those who appreciate beauty, design, and the art of thoughtful gifting. Whether they're regulars or newcomers, I cherish each person who walks through the door. It's not just about the transaction; it's about the relationships we build and the shared moments of delight that keep us coming back for more. Sweet Ruckus isn't just a store – it's an oasis where people can feel seen, supported, and inspired to spread a little sweetness in the world. We are so honored to be celebrating our 8th year in the South Boulder community.


Come visit -  we look forward to meeting you!

Sweet Ruckus Gifts

Sweet Ruckus Gifts

607 S Broadway, Ste. F *

Boulder, CO 80305

Tel: (303) 494-5131

*On the King Soopers side of the shopping center, next to Elevations Credit Union and below Yoga Pod


Monday-Friday: 11am - 5pm

Saturday:  11am - 3pm

Sunday:  Closed


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Sweet Ruckus Gifts
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